What’s going on at Apple’s music therapy stand?

Apple Music is the first company to officially open up its service to music therapy, a program that seeks to give people with mental health challenges the ability to record and listen to music while taking care of their physical needs.

The program has been offered since 2013, and Apple said that it’s now expanding to all Apple devices and services.

“Music therapy is a great way for people with anxiety to get a break from the rigors of everyday life and make music that they can listen to while doing the things that really matter to them,” Apple Music cofounder and CEO Tim Cook wrote in a blog post about the new service.

“For example, you can listen while you’re driving to work, or when you’re home with your kids, or while you meditate.

We’re already seeing great results with people who’ve been using Apple Music for more than a year.

People are enjoying music therapy on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and we’ll be adding more support as we get closer to the launch of Apple Music on every Apple device.”

For the past several years, Apple has offered a free app for iOS, but this year the company is offering a new one for Macs and Mac Pro.

The new app is called Apple Music Therapy, and it’s available for download in both the App Store and on the Mac App Store, but not for iPhones.

Apple said that the app offers the following benefits:It can help people get their life back on track by giving them tools and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

The app can help them listen to new music and create new songs for themselves or with friends.

It can also help people with chronic illness find relief by providing an opportunity for people to work on music therapy skills, and providing support and resources.

For Apple Music therapists, it’s an opportunity to get closer and closer to a cure for depression, but they’re also hoping that it will also help them to stay focused and keep moving forward.

“The more we can help someone achieve their goals, the more we’ll all benefit,” Cook wrote.

“This is a good way for Apple to take the first step toward that.”

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