How to Get the Most from YouTube Relaxing Music Notes

The best YouTube music notes to listen to during the holidays.


The Beatles – You Can’t Always Get What You WantYouTube relaxing music notes, music notes images.1/2 Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Facebook | Twitter Spotify Spotify YouTube relaxing musicnotes, music images.2/2 Kanye West – It’s All OverNow playing at 2:21 PM on Spotify: Kanye West’s I Love You, Honeybear.3/2 The Rolling Stones – The Only Time You’ve Got To CryNow playing on Spotify, the Rolling Stones’ The Only time You’ve got to Cry.4/2 David Bowie – Man on FireNow playing: David Bowie’s Man on Flame.5/2 Elvis Costello – I’ll Be Your ForeverNow playing online: Elvis Costellos I’ll be your forever.6/2 Prince – You Got the LoveNow playing streaming: Prince You Got The Love.7/2 Neil Young – I Will SurviveNow playing live: Neil Young’s I Will Survive.8/2 Beyonce – I’m Gonna Be (Perfect)Now playing, streaming, online: Beyonce I’m gonna be (perfect)