How to listen to Amazon Music without using an app

Posted January 05, 2018 09:09:54A number of new features to Apple Music, including Apple Music’s own streaming and subscription services, will launch this week.

Here’s how to get them.1.

Add to Amazon’s Playlist Amazon music, and your own album to your Amazon library, via the app.2.

Browse and listen to songs from your Amazon Music collection on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.3.

Watch a curated list of your most recent playlists, or download and stream directly from Amazon Music.4.

Search for a song on Amazon Music and see a list of available songs, including a curated playlist of your own songs.5.

Search “I Am The Walrus” by Justin Bieber and other artists for a new album that you can buy on Amazon.6.

See how much money you earn from Amazon by searching and using the Alexa-powered Amazon Dashboard.7.

Watch videos, photos and audio files stored on Amazon’s cloud service for free.8.

Listen to Amazon music on your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Stick, Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.9.

Watch YouTube videos on Apple TV.10.

Watch Amazon music from Amazon’s video service.11.

Watch other Apple Music content on Apple Music.12.

Download music directly from Apple Music and access it anywhere.13.

Download Amazon music to your Apple Music account.14.

Play Amazon music and other Apple music on Apple’s Apple Music App, Amazon Music Radio, and Amazon Music Unlimited, for free with your Apple device.15.

Download and watch Amazon music directly on Apple TVs and other devices.16.

Connect to Apple’s iDevices via Bluetooth or Ethernet to play Apple Music from other devices, like a smart speaker, home theater system, or game console.17.

Connect your Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Dot Dot 2, Echo Nest, Echo Spot, Echo Player, Echo Pro, Echo Roam, Echo TV, and Echo Tap to Amazon.

You can use Alexa to control your Echo devices with voice commands.18.

Access Amazon’s music catalog and listen from any Amazon Music device, including Echo Dot or Echo Dot 2.19.

Download or stream Amazon music for free from

Download, stream and play music from other Amazon Music services.21.

Connect Amazon Fire devices to your Fire TV and access music and video from Amazon Fire.22.

Download Apple Music on your Mac.23.

Connect Apple Music to a Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for free on your Amazon Fire or Apple TV device.24.

Connect an Apple TV to your Mac for free, including streaming from Apple TV or accessing Amazon Music from the Apple TV app.25.

Download Netflix for free in the Amazon app, including the ability to watch from Netflix on your FireTV, iPhone, or iPod.26.

Connect Netflix to your Echo Dot for free or an AppleTV with a Wi-Fi connection.27.

Download Pandora on your Android device, and connect it to an Amazon FireTV or AppleTV.28.

Listen directly from Pandora.29.

Watch free, ad-free movies and TV shows streamed directly from your AppleTV or Amazon Fire device.30.

Listen through Amazon Prime Music.31.

Watch Netflix and other Amazon Video movies and shows for free at no cost.

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