How to listen to lullabies online: How to stream music online

Music fans in Australia are in for a surprise as the Federal Government looks to crack down on the use of lullabies on the internet.

The Government is considering a crackdown on online music consumption after the number of Australians using lullabies skyrocketed from about 4 million to more than 10 million, with the number soaring to a whopping 13 million people.

The move follows an online survey by the Australian Music Industry Council, which found that the majority of people in Australia were using lullaby music on the Internet.

The Government has said it will not only ban the use but also block sites that promote the sale of music to minors.

“The Government believes that the use and sale of illegal music should be treated as criminal offences, with all appropriate sanctions imposed,” the statement said.

“It is the Government’s position that it is inappropriate for online music services to advertise or promote the use or sale of child pornography.”

A report from the Council found that around 60 per cent of Australians were either listening to or downloading music through a computer while on the job.

In the wake of the survey, the Government has set out its intentions to clamp down on internet music piracy, with a target of cracking down on illegal downloads to $300 million by the end of the year.

The Federal Government has also introduced a new music licensing scheme that will see music companies have to license their songs for the purposes of copyright infringement notices.

“We are very concerned about the rise in the use by people in the music industry of child-related music,” Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said.

“This is a big issue, and it is one we will continue to be on top of to ensure the safety of children.”

“We want to do everything we can to prevent these songs from being sold and distributed to children.

We want to encourage the sale and use of music by all Australians.”

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