‘I’m just happy to have a happy family’ – a woman’s story of family spirit

A former waitress in Sydney’s north-east has revealed her struggle with depression and addiction as she opened up about the pain and loneliness that is part of her family.

Key points:Anzac Day is an opportunity for Australians to commemorate the sacrifice of those who died in the First World WarTik Tok tok was a popular dance music group in Sydney when it was formed in 1905The band recorded many hits including “My Girl” and “You’re A Woman” and were famous for their unique styleTikTok has been on hiatus since May last year and has been struggling to find new music.

Now, Tika Tok’s new album “A Woman’s Story” has been released, featuring songs from the band and interviews with musicians from the time.

Tika ToK founder Michael Sneddon said the album captured the highs and lows of her life and helped her through her recovery.

“I am grateful for my family and friends, but the album is for me the greatest gift I can give them,” he said.

“It’s been really therapeutic and I’m happy with how the album turned out.”

For me, my family is the greatest asset I have, because I have a relationship with them, but I can’t tell them what to do.

“Michael Snedson and his wife Christine welcomed their first child, daughter Meghan, last year.

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