“It’s Not A Hero” lyrics by Drake

Drake’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions” has become a viral sensation, and now the rapper’s “I’m Not A Monster” has also reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song’s lyrics also have a much broader meaning than the lyrics that would appear on its sleeve.

“I know I’m not a monster,” Drake said in the song, according to the Associated Press.

“You can’t be a monster if you don’t want to be.

You don’t have to make sacrifices.

And sometimes, sometimes, I just want to lay down, just lay down.”

“You Can’t Be A Monster If You Don’t Want To Be” is Drake’s first Hot 100 No. 1 since his sophomore album, The Life of Pablo, which topped the chart in July 2017.

But the rapper didn’t just release his own version of the song: He also wrote a new song, titled “You Know I’m Not a Monster,” which features Drake, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Wayne and his longtime collaborator, Nicki Minaj.

Drake’s new track has more than 1 million views on YouTube, and it also earned Drake a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the second week in a row.

Drake has been working on the new track for months, and the song’s release has been a surprise.

“It was really nice, just like a surprise,” Drake told The Verge.

“Just to get to put my foot in the door, like, ‘Hey, we’ve got some new songs.

You know, you guys really know what you’re doing.

This is cool.'”

“It Isnt A Hero,” a collaboration with Ty Dollas Redd and Lil Jon, was released on April 1, 2017.

Drake also released “I Love Kanye,” his collaboration with Jay-Z, in February 2017.

That track peaked at No. 2 on the Hot 100 and reached No. 3 on the album chart.

“That album was my baby,” Drake explained.

“We started writing it, I wrote it, and we did it.

I was like, This is my baby, I wanna be the best rapper ever.

And then we made the album.”

Drake’s next album, Views, will arrive on April 19.

Drake will perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 10.