The Warner Music Group and Apple music download link is broken!

The Warner Media Group announced Wednesday that its iTunes Store for Apple music is no longer able to access its own catalog of more than 10 million music albums.

The company’s Apple Music website has also been updated to display a list of Warner albums that are no longer available for purchase through the iTunes Store.

The announcement comes amid reports that Warner Music is planning to make the move, though it’s not clear when the company plans to do so.

The news comes after Warner said it will start charging for purchases of Warner’s Warner Music catalog from the iTunes App Store.

The move comes amid concerns about the iTunes app, which has been plagued by bugs and has been described as “unreliable” and “unsupported” by customers.

It’s also a sign that Warner wants to focus on its own digital assets, rather than selling music to Apple.

As for the current-generation Apple Music, the company said it is working to fix its site, and said it would provide more details about the move in the coming days.

The iTunes Store is the digital equivalent of a physical storefront for Apple’s music catalog.

Purchases are made on an individual basis, with the purchase of an album or an entire catalog not counted as a single purchase.

The app allows users to access a large amount of Warner Music’s catalog for free.

In its announcement, the Warner Group said it plans to work with Apple to improve the current app, and noted that its team of music experts and engineers has been working on a new update that will allow users to purchase the entire Warner catalog.