Watch: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is back for another go in 2018

There’s been a lot of talk about Harry Potter movies going back to their original versions, but the latest installment in the franchise is looking a lot more like a prequel.

With Harry Potter: Hogwarts Express in cinemas next year, the first film in the new series is taking on a much darker tone, while the film is set to feature a major plot twist.

The trailer for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child has you excited for the new movie, with the title referencing the Harry Potter series.

In the trailer, Harry Potter goes on a quest to rescue his friend and former friend, Professor Severus Snape, who is also being hunted by Lord Voldemort.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much, we can see that Harry Potter has been travelling around Europe since he was a child.

According to the trailer:Harry Potter and his friends travel to France in search of Severus Snape.

They soon discover that the wizard who has been tracking them for the past two decades is the Dark Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

They are captured, tortured and put to death.

Harry Potter is not the only one in danger, as Hermione Granger is captured by the Dark Lords and taken to Azkaban.

Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron then travel to England to help Hermione in her quest to free herself from Azkababan.

There is some action and drama in the trailer too, with Harry and his friend discovering that they are being hunted in the Forbidden Forest.

We also get to see Harry Potter go on a road trip to find his parents.

He discovers that their car is being stolen and that they need help to stop the Dark Curse.

As with previous Harry Potter films, there are some magical elements to the film, including a new featurette and special effects.