‘We are in love’: ‘It’s all about you’ as Chicago music scene gets hit hard

The love story of ‘chicago music’ is at the centre of the state’s new anti-bullying law.

Key points:The law, introduced by Governor Bruce Rauner, will make it a crime to bully, insult, harass or bully another person.

It will apply to schools, businesses, hospitals and any place where children congregate.

The legislation comes after the death of Chicago native and former basketball star Alton Sterling who was shot dead by a white police officer.

“We are here to protect Chicago music, Chicago music community and all Chicagoans,” Governor Rauners office said in a statement.

“While we cannot be everywhere, we are in a place where we can.

We are in the best position to fight against bullying in our city and throughout Illinois.”

The law will apply only to schools.

The bill will apply in schools, as well as other places where children gather and play.

The governor said the bill was needed to protect the Chicago music and music-related industries, as businesses were not safe places to be.

“It’s about making sure that we’re not going to allow this kind of hate to be condoned in any other city or town,” he said.

“Bullying, bullying, bullying.”

The new law comes as more than 4,000 people have signed an online petition calling for it to be repealed.

“In the wake of the tragic events in Baton Rouge and the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, we know that our city has lost more than 100 people this year to bullying, harassment, and hate-based violence,” the petition states.

“Bully, harassment and hate are not just a problem in the world, they’re a problem within the Chicago Music Industry.”

The bill also aims to create “a safe space for all children, parents, and communities to share their stories, experiences and hopes and dreams for the future”.

It will also create a fund to provide support to survivors and their families.

The petition is seeking to have the bill repealed on its first reading in the state Senate.

It is a move which has been met with outrage from a number of groups, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Illinois State Police and the Chicago Police Association.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which has long pushed for the repeal of anti-gay laws in the US, called it “a disgraceful attack on the lives of thousands of people”.

“Bullies, in their relentless attacks on anyone they can, are turning children into objects of ridicule, mockery and even violence,” said ACLU national legal director Michael Goldstein.

“No one deserves to be bullied, no one should be bullied and no one who has been bullied should have to endure such torment.”

“This bill is an attack on vulnerable children and their parents and families and a clear attempt to punish Chicago’s musicians, musicians and communities for the lives they have led and continue to lead.”

The governor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Anti-Bullying Coalition of Illinois has also been critical of the bill, saying it is a “dangerous assault on free speech and the rights of Chicago’s musical community”.

“We know that there is still a lot of work to be done to dismantle and end the cycle of hate and bullying, but we are hopeful that Illinois lawmakers will finally see the light and finally stand up for the right of all people to speak freely and without fear of violence,” ACT Illinois Executive Director Jessica Rinaldi said.

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