‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ on Apple Music: What you need to know

What you should know Listen to this story The Disney classic Dance of the Sugarcubes stars Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the cast as they make their way to the castle to save the world.

It is a story about the journey of a young girl who becomes the hero of her life.

But for many of us, it is the songs of a new musical generation that have changed the way we hear and feel.

“Dance is the first of the pop music genres to have a lot of new people, so I think it’s important to celebrate this new generation,” says Australian producer Ben Cottrell, who worked on the Disney musical.

He says the song has also been a hit with older listeners.

They were inspired by the work of songwriter Brian Eno and composer/producer Joe Satriani, he says.

The songs have been embraced by a new generation of fans.

In 2016, the Australian pop music industry generated $1.4 billion in revenue, with $9.5 billion in ad revenue, according to the Music Industry Council of Australia.

For the past three years, Mr Cottrel and Mr Satrian have been touring together to promote their new album.

Dance was released in the US last year and will be released in Australia later this year.

Disney says it is looking to continue the Disney legacy of music by offering Disney Music Awards, which will honour the most innovative new music from around the world, as well as award a $5,000 cash prize for the best original song from a song that has been licensed to Disney.

ABC Music’s Nicki Bennett, who is working on a new series about Australian musicals, says the songs will be a good way for Australians to connect with their favourite artists.

“There’s a great deal of diversity and a lot more diversity in terms of artists, in terms to where they come from and the stories they tell,” she says.

“And that’s a lot harder to capture in pop music.”

ABC’s Justin Dorey in Sydney contributed to this report.


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