Sia, Quaver and ’90s music: 10 years in review

By DAVID MOONEY-YEEY/THE STARMAGS AUGUST 25, 2019 / 12:03 AM EDT Sia has been on the rise for the past few years, and her second album is looking to be a breakout hit.

The singer-songwriter has been releasing new music since the release of her self-titled debut album, and she’s already set to release a follow-up to the hit “One More Time.”

The new album, “Fantastic Life,” is set to arrive on September 15.

It is being billed as a follow up to the band’s 2015 “Wish You Were Here,” which was followed by “All The Things You Wanted,” a collaboration with Justin Bieber.

The album will be Sia’s second solo album, following “Love Story,” released in 2016.

The former Miss Congeniality star will make her first solo album in five years, after her 2011 self-released album, which also featured guest appearances from Katy Perry and Jaden Smith.

“I was able to have a good relationship with my producer, Mark, and we came up with a lot of great songs,” Sia said in a statement.

“When we started working on this, it felt like I was able in some ways to do things that I hadn’t been able to do before.”

The singer is known for her pop-rock and indie-rock influences.

In the years leading up to her debut album’s release, she collaborated with Lady Gaga, who is best known for being a pop singer.

“Sia has the perfect blend of pop-punk, pop-metal, and indie rock,” said Lenny Henry, president of independent label IFC Records.

“She has great songwriting ability, great vocal skills, and great voice.

She’s also a phenomenal artist.

She can sing.

She loves the music.”

Sia is a star of her own right, and the star of the show.

She is known to have been a frequent collaborator with other artists, including Drake, and has been seen on the covers of Lady Gaga’s “I’m With You,” Madonna’s “Say It Loud,” Beyoncé’s “Gorgeous,” Beyonce’s “Runaway” and Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

But “Fatal Attraction” was the first time that Sia was featured on an album.

The record was released on August 18.

“Fantasy,” which is being released by Universal Music, will also include songs from Sia and her group, which includes former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Drag Race” judge RuPaul.

The “Falling,” “The Last Dance,” “Wedding Party” and other songs from “Fancy” and her other group will also be included in the album.

“A huge thanks to Universal Music for bringing ‘Fantasy’ to life.

I’m excited to be on the road with ‘Fantasmic,’ ” Sia told the Associated Press in a press release.

“The record has everything I love about ‘Fancy.’

We’ve all been inspired by each other since we were kids, and ‘Fatal Ascension’ is a perfect encapsulation of our love for each other.”

The album is the first Sia release since her 2014 release, “I Know Places.”

“I think it’s great,” Siam told Billboard.

“It’s an interesting new perspective, a different side of my life.

It’s something I haven’t explored in the past.

But I know that we’ll find a place together and we’ll have a lot to say.”

The artist previously collaborated with fellow singer-actress Lauryn Hill on a 2015 single, “The Story.”

The song, which was released as part of Hill’s “Fashioning” single, was recorded in New York and featured Hill in a cameo role.

Hill has also appeared in a few music videos, including for the group, and released her own music last year.

“There’s no way I can even imagine a day where I won’t be in the studio with her again,” Hill said of Siam.

“We’re a very happy family.

I know how much she means to her fans and fans of everything, so it’s going to be really fun to see where this record takes us.”

“Fate” is available for pre-order now.

The song was produced by longtime producer RZA.

The group is set for a tour later this month.

“Let’s Get It Together,” featuring the former Miss America, will be released on Sept. 21.

The track, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, was released with the help of producer E-40.

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