The Latest: Obama says he’s ‘comfortable’ with Sony execs

President Barack Obama says that Sony executives “do their best to be responsive” to consumers and “do a good job” in dealing with issues related to their content.

The president made the remarks during a discussion of digital issues with The New York Times editorial board in a discussion on the future of the movie and television industry.

The Times editorial said that while the Obama administration is supportive of a robust investigation into the issue of movie piracy, “it is also clear that Sony has not been forthcoming.”

Obama has called for Sony to step up its response to the piracy issue.

“If Sony is unable to find a way to prevent this from happening again, we want to see what other steps the administration might take,” Obama said.

“What we have seen with other companies is that they are not forthcoming in providing us with information.

They are not responsive to our inquiries.

And I think that is a concern.”

Obama also said that he had a “great” working relationship with the chief executives of Sony, Warner Bros., and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

“We have a great working relationship.

It’s not just in terms of the movies, it’s the music, it is the games, it has been good,” Obama added.

“And it’s good that they were willing to work with us.

Obama did not specifically name any of the companies or say whether the president would like to see them involved in a criminal investigation. “

But they are a different company now.”

Obama did not specifically name any of the companies or say whether the president would like to see them involved in a criminal investigation.

Obama has long been criticized for being overly critical of the industry and has criticized the entertainment industry for failing to protect copyright holders.

The former president has said in the past that he is “comfortable” with the entertainment and movie industries, and said he would have been willing to back the studios in a case of copyright infringement.

He also said he is willing to listen to concerns from the public, but that he would not allow the studios to get away with breaking consumers’ rights.

The Sony exec who spoke to the Times editorial was one of three executives who were named in a recent lawsuit that accused Sony of violating copyright by making its movies available for streaming on the web and for streaming through the PlayStation Network.

The lawsuit alleged that Sony used the network to offer “bundles” of movies to customers who could then stream them for free.

A jury trial is scheduled for next week in Los Angeles.

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