When you love a country, you can’t leave it alone!

By David Brinkley, ABC News-Miami Gardens (FL) The first time I heard of the new musica craze, I was like, “Oh my god, this is amazing!”

But, in truth, this musica has become a nationwide phenomenon, with the latest releases arriving in the last couple of weeks and a new album on the way this month.

And for the record, it isn’t even the first country music craze.

In fact, it’s not even the most popular country music-related phenomenon.

But for me, it is the first one that is really in the spotlight, and it’s the first that I can talk about openly.

I think that the first time it happened, it was in the late ’80s and early ’90s, when the pop stars like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson were all releasing albums, and I was a kid.

And it really got me thinking about country music and country culture, because I grew up in a rural, Southern country town in Kentucky.

So, when I heard that the country music world was in a frenzy about country-rock singer Katy Perry’s latest album, I thought, “Wow, that’s great.”

I thought that this was really great, because it was really good.

It was really different than any other country album, and for a lot of people, it seemed to have a lot to do with a certain sort of rural Southern culture.

But in my opinion, Katy Perry did something very, very cool with her new album, which is to take her country-music roots and make it something else entirely.

I’ve always liked country music, and this new album is definitely something new for me.

I’ve always loved country music.

I just think it’s very, well, it really, really works for me as a music listener, and Katy Perry is doing something very unique and exciting with her album.

It’s also something that I think is very much part of a larger cultural trend that is happening.

I was born and raised in Kentucky, and so for me to hear that the new country music trend is happening in the United States, which I’ve lived in for 20 years, I can’t even believe that.

But I was not a fan of Katy Perry, either, but I was just happy that she was releasing an album and doing something different.

So, I did a little research, and the first thing that came to my mind was this.

She had been touring in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, for the past few years, and she’s really become a star in that town.

So it was a perfect fit.

I am from Louisville, and that is my hometown, and my dad is from Louisville.

So I am pretty much the only person that knows my family.

So when Katy Perry comes to town, it makes me feel like a very big fan.

And that’s just great, and we’ll see where this goes from here.

I’m just thrilled.

I think that Katy Perry has always been an incredible artist and an amazing performer.

And I have to say that I’m really excited about this new record.

It really is her first album, so I think there’s definitely something special here.

And what makes her unique, I think, is that she really goes for a very different kind of country sound, which, for me at least, I’ve been really enjoying in a lot.

Katy Perry really sings with a really distinct Southern voice.

She really sings to a Southern tone, and what she sings is really kind of soulful, really honest songs, which are really fun to listen to.

So it’s a really exciting time for country music right now.

I don’t think that any country-country music has really changed in that sense.

So for me personally, Katy’s new album really feels like the next step.

She has really, truly taken the country-rap genre and given it a really distinctive sound, and really it’s really exciting.

I hope that country music fans get a taste of what she’s going to do.

I just really, genuinely love her music, really.

I grew my own music when I was in high school, so Katy Perry definitely is an amazing artist.

I also think that I was raised in a really rural, southern, Southern town, so for her to be able to be successful and to really create something unique, and to do it in a way that’s very different from what I was listening to in the ’80, ’90, ’00s, it kind of hits home.

I grew up listening to Bob Dylan.

I listened to Elvis Presley and Elvis Presleys all my life, so it’s kind of amazing to hear Katy Perry be a part of the country culture in a completely different way.

I mean, Katy is just really doing something unique with this new country album.

I love that she is taking the country sound and giving it something different, which really

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