Why are there so many scratch-music stations in the UK?

It’s all about the scratching.

It’s one of the reasons the UK has the biggest music radio market in the world.

There are nearly 30 million scratch stations, with around half of them based in the country.

That means there are over 200,000 stations with scratch music playing every day, according to the music industry body RIAA.

That’s up from just over 300,000 the year before, and about 80% of the time it’s scratch-based.

What’s more, the RIAI estimates scratch music will account for around half the UK’s total music radio listenership in the next five years.

The problem is, it’s hard to find scratch stations in a country with so many stations.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 scratch stations from around the world, based on the popularity of scratch music.

Read more about scratch radio.1.

The Beatlemania Show, London1.

A Place Called Home, London2.

Radio 1’s Rottweiler, London3.

The Sun’s The Riffle, London4.

BBC Radio 4’s The Jam, London5.

BBC Music’s The Beatles: Rock The Night, London6.

Radio 4, London7.

BBC1’s BBC Radio 5 Live, London8.

Radio 2’s Rock The Clock, London9.

Radio 3’s Radio 4 Live, Manchester10.

Radio 5Live, Liverpool1.

Radio 8.7, Birmingham2.

BBC World Service, London, UK3.

Radio Wales, Wales4.

Radio 6, Bristol5.

Radio 7, Oxford6.

BBC Wales, Cardiff7.

Radio 9, Cardiff8.

BBC News, Wales9.

BBC Scotland, Scotland10.

BBC Sport, Scotland1.

BBC Rock, London 2.

BBC Classic, London 3.

BBC2 Classic, Birmingham4.

Rock Channel, London 5.

BBC3 Classic, Glasgow6.

Classic Rock Radio, London 7.

BBC4 Classic Rock, Glasgow8.

Classic Classic Rock TV, Birmingham9.

Classic Mix Radio, Cardiff10.

Classic Radio, Bristol1.

Rock City, London/Southend2.

Rock The Rock, Bristol3.

Rock Radio (UK), London4, Rock Radio FM, London 6, Rock Rock Radio TV, London 8, Rock Channel Classic, Cardiff9, Rock Classic Radio FM and Rock Radio UK, London10, Rock City Classic FM, Cardiff2.

The Rock Live, Leeds3.

Pop Rock Radio 1, Leeds4.

Pop Radio FM1, Leeds5.

Pop Music Radio 1 Radio 1.

London6, Pop Music FM Radio 1 London7, Pop Radio Radio Radio 1 Scotland8, Pop Rock FM Radio Radio Scotland9, Pop Pop Radio London10.

Pop Pop Classic Radio and Pop Pop Rock TV1.

Pop FM Radio UK1, Bristol2.

Pop Classic FM Radio Scotland1, Glasgow3.

Jazz Music Radio UK2, Birmingham5.

Jazz Radio 1Radio 1 Radio Glasgow1.

Jazz Mix Radio 1 Glasgow2.

Jazz FM Radio Glasgow3, Jazz Radio UK4, Jazz FM London5, Jazz Mix London6 and Jazz Mix TV1 London7 and Jazz FM TV1 Cardiff8, Jazz UK Radio 1 Cardiff9.

Jazz Classic Radio London1, Jazz Classic FM London1 and Jazz Radio London21.

Live Jazz Radio Glasgow, Glasgow2, Jazz Club London3, Live Jazz TV1 Radio Glasgow4, Live Radio 1 Birmingham5, Live Classic FM Glasgow6, Live FM Radio London7 on BBC Radio Scotland, Glasgow and Glasgow2 and Live Radio UK on BBC1, London.

Jazz Club Glasgow1, Live Classical Radio Glasgow2 for BBC Radio Glasgow and Live Classic TV1 Glasgow3 and Live Jazz Glasgow4 for BBC Music1, Manchester4 for Classic Radio Glasgow5, Classic Mix Glasgow6 for Classic Mix TV2, Glasgow7, Live Mix Glasgow8 for ClassicMix TV3, Glasgow9, Live Live Radio Glasgow10, Live Pop Radio Glasgow.1, Pop Mix Radio London, London

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