Why I love hip-hop so much [Read more]

Posted February 15, 2018 09:13:20When it comes to my favorite music, I like to listen to the hip-hoppers, artists like the Roots and N.W.A. and the Wu-Tang Clan.

They were pioneers in making music for a mainstream audience, and I enjoy the freedom that comes from being able to listen with my headphones.

However, hip-Hop has always been a place for outsiders.

The artists of today are not only trying to make a living in a way that hasn’t always been possible, but they also have to compete with the big, rich, powerful companies that have built up their empires on top of their previous income.

As an artist, it’s been challenging to see that trend come to an end.

I feel like hip-Hopper, one of the best rappers to have ever lived, has been the best-case scenario for artists in this era.

The rap world is filled with talent, but it also has to work to attract and retain the younger generation of fans.

While some of the biggest rappers in the game are in their 30s and 40s, I’m sure many younger artists are still growing up.

For them, this is the next logical step.

With the rise of the new generation of hip-Hos, it seems like the next generation is ready to be the next big thing.

As a result, the next chapter of hip Hop is about to begin.

This article is not intended to be a review of the music itself, but rather a look at the influences, trends, and styles that made Hip-Hop such a unique musical experience.

As hip-Culture has become more and more prevalent in our daily lives, we’ve been forced to look outside our own cultural and social spheres to discover the newest, freshest music.

For example, hip hop fans are now constantly inundated with rap music on YouTube, which has allowed artists to create their own music in a free market.

In this way, hip Hop has become the next best thing.

If you have a favorite rap song, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you love the artist.

If you’re in the mood for a song that is about overcoming fear, or about taking control of your life, you’re going to find something here.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to my favorites because I’ve always wanted to do the same, so it’s always fun to listen and learn from others.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It just means that I have to be more conscious of what I’m listening to, so that I can make my own decisions about what to listen for and what not to listen.

As a listener, I have the luxury of being able and encouraged to listen more, but as a creator, I don’t necessarily need to listen much to understand what a particular song is about.

I have a lot of freedom with my music, but I also have the ability to experiment and create.

I like to look at what artists have accomplished and how they’ve gone about creating music, to understand why it worked and what could have been done differently.

I love the fact that I get to hear music that is different from what I hear every day, because it’s a challenge to not only create music that I enjoy, but to also listen to music that reflects my personal life.

As the years go by, I’ll be able to continue to make music that has the same feel as what I’ve been doing, but with a new perspective.

For me, this means more collaborations and more collaborations with other artists.

I’m happy to have more opportunities to learn about each artist, their influences, and the history of Hip Hop.

I’m a big fan of the fact I get my music from people, which is why I find it interesting to see the diversity of artists and artists styles.

I love it when a new artist comes in and brings a new way to Hip Hop and I feel inspired to create something that’s not just my own.

I feel that Hip Hop has always created a feeling of empowerment, and this is one of my favorite aspects of the genre.

Hip Hop artists are able to be themselves and have their own ideas, and that can only benefit the whole community.

I look forward to the future and hopefully will be able play a more active role in creating something that will help people to be better people, to be positive, and to feel free.